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SafeSpace, Inc.
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The federal VOCA assistance grant program offers funding to local community providers for use in responding to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims, assisting victims in stabilizing their lives after their victimization, helping victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system, and providing victims with a measure of safety and security.
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Grant Disbursement Agreement
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Closed or Expired
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960.05, Florida Statutes
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Sub recipients (Federal Financial Assistance Only)
16.575 .. Crime Victim Assistance
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Request for Application, method of competitively awarding State Federal grants to non-profits and other governmental entities
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SAFESPACE, INCSTUART FL 34994 0000Non-Profit, Minority Community Served

1Availability to Provide Services is defined as maintaining sufficient capacity to assist victims during the Provider’s core business hours throughout the Time of Performance, as set forth in Article 3 of this Agreement. Core business hours are assumed to be at least from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise approved as alternative core business hours by the OAG. Employee leave earned under this grant period is reimbursable; however, the Provider must continue to maintain sufficient capacity to assist victims.
 Commodity/Service Type:Aid Financing
 Deliverable Price:$0.00
 Non Price Justification:Price Cannot be determined until the work has been completed
 Method of Payment:Cost Reimbursement
 Performance Metrics:N/A
 Financial Consequences:If the Provider does not maintain a victim services program that will be available to provide direct services to victims of crime as outlined in the approved application without an approved justification, the OAG will impose a corrective action plan, reduction of the final payment for the grant period under this Agreement by 5% of the total award amount listed in Article 33, and/or terminate this Agreement.
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1.10/19/2018Original Contract DocumentSafeSpace - 00029_Redacted.pdf

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